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    Music of the Night
    ...Best of Broadway

    A Brand New Day
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    "The brilliance of the marquee! The magnificence of the stage! The vibrance of the crowd! I'll never forget the exhilarating rush of entering a theater on Broadway in New York City for the very first time. The most awe-inspiring, memorable moments of the entire experience, however, were created by the first strains of the orchestra's overture. I was thoroughly captivated by the elegance in the music. Some of the most emotive, timeless and beloved melodies have been penned for Broadway. Writing arrangements for these songs has been invigorating. The brand new pieces of this collection are especially dear to my heart as they're Broadway songs I've waited to explore until the timing was right. I sincerely hope you'll experience the passion I've intended to capture in each of the arrangements. These are some of my favorites from this genre, recorded just for you!" - Mary Beth