Greetings from Mary Beth

    February 4, 2021

     Hi, Friends!

    It's been wonderful receiving your expressive thoughts and kind comments about the new DVD, Reflections on God's Love. I'm so grateful that many of you have taken the time to share your responses!

    "Many thanks again for your music and words that bring peace to the heart and spirit along with beauty from the photography!  It is like an oasis in my day.  You have created a balm to the soul and body during this time of unknowns and stress.  Blessings to you both and to your family.  I often listen to your music for hours each day." Mary B.

    "Thank you Marybeth and Kent for putting this together! This was absolutely beautiful! I have the CD with this on it, and play it along with all your albums daily.
    God bless you both." -
    Cathy J.

    "This is amazing, Mary Beth! Not only your music but hearing your voice! What an inspiration you are to us all." - Lynette V.

    "Need some encouragement? Find a quiet corner and let the truth of Godís Word and the amazing musical talent and thoughtful words of Mary Beth Carlson speak to your soul." - Richard B.
    If you have a family member, friend or acquaintance that you would like to encourage with the gift of music, we're offering FREE shipping on the purchase of 2 or more CDs, DVDs and / or Books through May 31st. Music is a gift that keeps on giving!

    Several inquire if we could ship CDs to friends and relatives for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Include a note if you'd like me to personalize your gifts with autographed CDs and a special greeting. Please be sure to include the recipients' names and addresses along with titles of recordings you wish for them to have. If requested, we will ship your gift anywhere within the continental United States. Your product will be sent within 48 hours of receiving your order.
    May you all enjoy a year filled with peace and joy, hope and promise, and a resolve to live every day inspired by gratitude.

    Blessings always,
    Mary Beth




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