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    Friday, March 15, 2019

    Dear Friends,

    Welcome to the light at the end of the tunnel, literally and figuratively! For many of us, that tunnel has been our driveways, sidewalks, side roads and even highways between walls of snow that keep growing higher and higher. I hope you've enjoyed a respite to a warm, sunny climate for at least a few days sometime during this long winter of record breaking cold temps and snow totals. Spring will be a welcome breath of fresh air!

    To celebrate this new season, we're offering FREE shipping on 3 or more CDs or DVDs beginning Monday, March 18th. With the upcoming holidays of Easter and Mother's Day as well as celebrations of graduations, weddings, showers and anniversaries, the gift of music is appropriate and appreciated. I hope you'll enjoy perusing the various CDs and DVDs to consider your selection! I personally suggest any of the inspirational collections as a hostess gift for an Easter gathering. We've heard very positive comments about the CD This Day from people who tuck this inside wedding shower gifts, and also You Are My Sunshine for baby shower gifts! Thank you always and sincerely for choosing the gift of music!

    We're celebrating 25 years of recording and performing, and you have been a wonderful inspiration to continue creating music. Warm, heartfelt thanks to each person who has purchased the new solo piano CD of all brand new arrangements, Faith, Hope and Love ... hymns for praise and worship. Also very grateful for your reponse to this music! I love hearing about why specific songs are personally meaningful to you. Really fun to know that my current fave praise and worship song, "What a Beautiful Name", is a favorite of so many. I'm glad I included this and a medley several have mentioned, "He Lives" / "Because He Lives", among the time-honored hymns that people enjoy hearing and singing along with.

    Here's what friends are graciously sharing about the new CD and other music they've recently purchased:

    "Mary Beth's new album, Faith, Hope & Love, is another masterpiece. When I'm feeling the stress of tight deadlines on critical design or editing projects, I put on Mary Beth's music. Her artful arrangements and style have a simultaneous effect of calming my soul and energizing my spirit. As lyrics to the songs of faith she plays drift through my mind in time with her music, I'm filled with heavenly encouragement that drives my creativity to a higher plane."
    Mike, Thousand Oaks, CA

    "I have HEAVENLY PEACE each time I listen to your music which is daily. It is the best music for my ears and heart. You are a daily companion."
    Dan, Random Lake, WI

    "I'd say you hit a homerun! If I could pick a favorite, it would be "Spirit of the Living God". That arrangement is SO spirit filled! All these hymns have such wonderful, worship-centered memories for me, hymns that I never get to hear anymore, but you have brought them back into my home, and I am so grateful."
    Jan, Glencoe, MN

    "Mary Beth Carlson has a way of being like her shadow - extending to places she may never be, touching lives she will never know, this side of Heaven. When I need to focus on what is really important in life, I only have to pop in one of her CDs or DVDs, and she's walking right beside me." 
    Care, Wasilla, AK

     "I just received my CD order today with your personal note. Thank you so much for that! I love your music and listen to your CDs constantly. They are my favorites!
    Mary, Austin, TX

    I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this year at places I perform. It's so exciting to receive calls and e-mails from those of you who invite me to speak and play the piano at venues in your community. We're booking a variety of events for 2019; concerts, women's events, retreats and conferences, fundraisers, church worship services, etc. Please visit our bookings page which provides information about what to expect during a concert, contact info and endorsements from previous event hosts. I'd greatly enjoy coming to your area for a special occasion!  

    Several inquire if we could ship CDs to friends and relatives for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Include a note if you'd like me to personalize your gifts with autographed CDs and a special greeting. Please be sure to include the recipients' names and addresses along with titles of recordings you wish for them to have. If requested, we will ship your gift anywhere within the continental United States. Your product will be sent within 48 hours of receiving your order.

    Blessings for a refreshingly wonderful spring season! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Mary Beth



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