CD / DVD Combo

NEW RELEASE! Nature's Song CD / DVD Combo includes a NEW CD of 15 of Mary Beth's captivating piano orchestral arrangements PLUS a NEW DVD of breathtaking videography of God's magnificent creation blended with Mary Beth's music. Perfect for relaxing on your own or to share while entertaining friends with not just background music, but also stunning videography of nature in all seasons! Nature's Song provides a comforting refuge that will refresh, energize, and expand your spirit!



For The Beauty Of The Earth / To A Wild Rose
Morning Has Broken
Autumn Leaves
Watermark / Caribbean Blue
On Eagle's Wings
Over The Rainbow
What A Wonderful World
Revelation Song
The Prayer
Moonlight Sonata / O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus
In His Presence / We Shall Behold Him
Let There Be Peace On Earth


Nature's Song
CD / DVD Combo
Price: $19.95  $17.95


Nature's Song
DVD (not including CD)
Price: $14.95  $10.95


 After experiencing Nature's Song, here's what a few supportive listeners shared:

 "God's beautiful handiwork and Mary Beth's beautiful piano playing, a great combination!!"
Cheryl, Albuquerque, NM

"The weaving of songs is beautiful, and the landscapes behind the music enhances it all. How peaceful. Beautiful!"
Dianne, Spirit Lake, IA

"As a music teacher, there is such a quality to your playing. As a Christian, there is such a spirit in your fingers ... love to listen to you. You are such a blessing."
Sandie, Menomonee, WI

"My favorite sanctuary in which to praise and worship the Lord is in the midst of His miraculous creation. The exquisite beauty of nature inspires me to create music to honor and glorify its Creator. I hope each time you experience Nature's Song, your heart will be filled with gratitude for God's gift of creation and you will be blessed with renewed inspiration."

Mary Beth